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2022, The Year NCT Achieved Fashion World Domination

K-pop stars’ sartorial allure and global impact are no longer up for debate. If there’s anything worth reporting in the high fashion sphere, there’s a high chance stars from the South Korean music scene are involved. In 2022, however, the K-pop boyband NCT left no space for doubts about their status as industry favorites in fashion. In sync with the promise of limitless growth etched in their name, the multicultural group racked up a myriad of fashion milestones.

In May, Chicago-born Johnny Suh

EnVi’s Best of 2022: Instagram-Worthy Looks

It’s not a secret that Asian celebrities have become some of the most influential players in the fashion industry. Magazine covers, front rows, and runways have served as the perfect backdrop for them to display their influence and associations. However, when it comes to these stars, even social media is a tool to showcase their style sensibilities. Whether it is documenting their day-to-day wardrobe or immortalizing their best looks, Asian stars have made a stylebook of their Instagram feeds.

EnVi’s Best of 2022: Thai Stars Breaking into the Fashion Industry

Over the years, celebrities from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region have claimed a spot among the fashion elite. For instance, during the latest fashion season (Spring-Summer 2023) South Korean personalities racked up $122 million in Earned Media Value (EMV) and $34 million in Media Impact Value™ (MIV®). However, Korean celebs are not the only ones successfully breaking into the industry. As their global influence continues to grow, Thai stars have also turned into some of the most sought-after figu

13 Red Carpet Looks I'll Still Be Thinking About After 2022

When it comes to memorable and undeniably gorgeous red carpet moments, 2022 did not disappoint. From the streets to the ‘gram, there wasn’t a shortage of fabulous fashion to find inspiration from this year. Yet, the red carpet in particular consistently hosted some of the best examples of sartorial excellence, courtesy of the world’s favorite stars. We saw fashion queen Zendaya delight at the Oscars, the Emmys, and any other event worth talking about with gloriously chic looks. Meanwhile, Timoth

Wisdom Kaye Knows How To Keep It Real

On set shooting a Teen Vogue special issue, the internet icon slips on a finely curated selection of pre-loved, new, rare and vintage luxury pieces straight from eBay—namely jewelry, watches, bags, and sneakers. In the back of the room, items such as a Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger diamond bracelet, the sneakerheads’ favorite Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance 650 shoes, and a Gucci Rainbow Tote bag are carefully displayed. There is also a Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra diamond pendant, a Rolex Datejust wat

EnVi’s Best of 2022: Fashion in Music Videos

Although music and fashion have always been deeply intertwined, the rise of music videos to mainstream prominence ushered a new frontier for musicians to display their artistry. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to think of impactful music moments without associating them with imagery to match. And more often than not, these visuals involve noteworthy fashion and styling.

As the year comes to an end, we highlight the creative connection between music and fashion in some of the most memorable mus

BLACKPINK Member Jennie’s Cozy Ganni Sweater Is On Sale ATM

The members of K-pop sensation BLACKPINK are our modern-day arbiters of good taste. Whether they're on or off stage, there's not a time these fashionable ladies are not rocking the coolest' fits. Case in point: Jennie's latest off-duty look.

On December 13, the BLACKPINK rapper updated fans on the 'gram, dressed in a casual and cozy ensemble. The Instagram-worthy look featured the Artwork Sweatshirt by the Scandinavian brand Ganni, which she paired with black sweatpants and the celebrity winter

BGYO on Their Style Inspo, Self-Care Routines, & Shoe Game

Huddled together in front of a phone, the members of the P-Pop boy band BGYO are the definition of casual. The relaxed looks and the calm, almost nonchalant way they introduce themselves make it hard to believe that they have yet to reach the second year of their career. Less than two years, however, have sufficed for the quintet to forge a success that exemplifies the rise of Filipino music to the global stage.

Since their official debut in 2021, the five-piece act — consisting of Gelo, Akira,

26 Cute Winter Boots That Take Cozy to the Next Level

Cute winter boots are at the top of our christmas list. As we transition into cold weather, our shoe rotation must follow. In addition to cozy sweaters, cool outerwear, and snuggly scarves, a most popular winter staple is — yes, you guessed it — a pair of cute winter boots. Options are endless. You can go for a furry waterproof snow boot, chunky platforms with a dash of fur for trekking across a college campus, or even a rain boot — they're all just a shopping cart away. And contrary to popular

Alexa Demie & Taylor Russell Were Matching on the Red Carpet

Among the sea of well-dressed guests, partners-in-style Alexa Demie and Taylor Russell commanded all attention with their matching red-carpet fashion at the Moët & Chandon Holiday Season Celebration party in New York.

Since starring together in Trey Edward Shults’ film Wave, actors Alexa Demie and Taylor Russell have become one of the most stylish friendships in showbiz. Be it on the red carpets or out and about in the streets of Paris, the popular friends have made headlines for their elevated

TikTok Users LOVE This Korean Makeup Spatula, Here's Why

According to millions around the world, TikTok is the ultimate referent for everything beauty — from makeup hacks to trending products. You might have seen trends such as heavy blush makeup making headlines, but if you’ve scrolled down the platform recently, chances are you’ve come across a new beauty sensation: makeup spatulas. If you haven’t yet, this article will change that.

Initially popularized in South Korea, makeup spatulas are the latest beauty product earning traction on the video-sha

Kendall Jenner Completely Skipped Pants for a Day Out in the City

The Kardashian-Jenner sister clan never misses the chance to jump into the latest trends. From Barbiecore to millennial side parts, the popular sisters are always ready to showcase what's in. Now, Kendall Jenner is making a case for visible underwear.

On November 20, the model was spotted out and about in Los Angeles dressed in a pantsless ensemble that proves wearing underwear as outwear is not exclusive to the runways. The reality star opted for a Bottega Veneta look straight from the brand's

SB19 on The Power of Reconnecting With Fans and Spreading Filipino Culture

Over the last couple of years, Filipino boy band SB19 has made its headway into global stardom. With hit songs like “What?,” “MAPA,” and “Bazinga,” the group accrued momentum in their home country and shot to international fame. As trailblazers whose popularity earned them a nomination for Top Social Artist at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, the five-piece act has reached highs unknown for Southeast Asian artists. When we speak, Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin are in the midst of a new chap

Fashion Brands Can’t Get Enough of Win Metawin and Neither Can We

Thai heartthrob Win Metawin is in high demand! From his worldwide successful TV dramas to headlining the front row of fashion shows, the superstar is perpetually under the spotlight. It seems, however, that the past few days have been particularly busy for the Thai actor. Attending OMEGA’s “Her Time” Exhibition and Fendi Baguette’s 25th-anniversary, the superstar couldn’t miss out on the hottest fashion events. Here’s a recap of everything Win has been up to in the fashion frontier.

Swiss luxur

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has the Perfect Accessory for a Cozy Outfit

Nothing tops a cozy outfit for cozy weather and BLACKPINK’s Lisa shared the ultimate hack to make any look season-appropriate.

Trust Lisa Manobal to be a referent for all things style. Whether it is on the red carpet or simply flaunting her day-to-day outfits, the “Money” singer never fails to deliver the best fashion. In her latest Instagram post, the K-pop superstar—who is currently traveling the world as part of BLACKPINK’s Born Pink tour—is seen happily enjoying a slice of pizza, dressed in

Netflix and Allure Celebrate the Power of Artistry as Self-Expression

The renowned stylists also talked about the inspiration behind their work. Said Villalobos, who styled Kerry Washington’s hair on The School for Good and Evil, “I wanted Kerry's character, Professor Dovey, to be lighter, fun. She's from the good school, not the evil school, so she needed to be more jolly. I also wanted to show texture on her hair.”

Meanwhile, Smalls, responsible for red-carpet looks for stars like Janelle Monae, offered tips on makeup and teamwork. “I never try a new product on

Yumi Nu Celebrates Missteps and Triumphs in New Single “25”

Japanese-American multifaceted star Yumi Nu has consistently made headlines for her barrier-breaking achievements. From history-making modeling gigs to founding her own clothing brand, the successful model has accumulated a long list of accolades. In addition to gracing fashion campaigns and fronting magazines, the artist is also a purveyor of whimsical music. The latest addition to Yumi’s music portfolio is the single “25,” a song described as a “celebration of every misstep and every triumph t

Yumi Nu Celebrates Missteps and Triumphs in New Single “25”

Japanese-American multifaceted star Yumi Nu has consistently made headlines for her barrier-breaking achievements. From history-making modeling gigs to founding her own clothing brand, the successful model has accumulated a long list of accolades. In addition to gracing fashion campaigns and fronting magazines, the artist is also a purveyor of whimsical music. The latest addition to Yumi’s music portfolio is the single “25,” a song described as a “celebration of every misstep and every triumph t

NCT, Jisoo, and Bright Vachirawit Were Top Performers During Fashion Month

If fashion is the name of the game, stars from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are undoubtedly top players. In addition to their stylish wardrobes — which they always elevate during Fashion Month — APAC celebrities have managed to become top voices for fashion brands. With legions of adoring fans, their commercial power is to be expected, but their increasing presence in the world of fashion is also leaving a lasting impact on the global luxury market.

According to the software and data company

What to Know About Yumi Nu’s New Size-Inclusive Brand Blueki

Model, musician, and Teen Vogue cover star Yumi Nu has a history of consistently collecting new milestones. The 25-year-old cemented her position as a fashion trailblazer after being featured in Sports Illustrated and appearing on the cover of Vogue's September issue. Now, the launch of her own size-inclusive fashion brand Blueki echoes the title.

On October 17, the model took to Instagram to share the news of Blueki's launch with her followers. "2.5 years in the making. Finally introducing you
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