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BGYO on Their Style Inspo, Self-Care Routines, & Shoe Game

Huddled together in front of a phone, the members of the P-Pop boy band BGYO are the definition of casual. The relaxed looks and the calm, almost nonchalant way they introduce themselves make it hard to believe that they have yet to reach the second year of their career. Less than two years, however, have sufficed for the quintet to forge a success that exemplifies the rise of Filipino music to the global stage. Since their official debut in 2021, the five-piece act — consisting of Gelo, Akira,

SB19 on The Power of Reconnecting With Fans and Spreading Filipino Culture

Over the last couple of years, Filipino boy band SB19 has made its headway into global stardom. With hit songs like “What?,” “MAPA,” and “Bazinga,” the group accrued momentum in their home country and shot to international fame. As trailblazers whose popularity earned them a nomination for Top Social Artist at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, the five-piece act has reached highs unknown for Southeast Asian artists. When we speak, Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin are in the midst of a new chap

5 Latin Creators And How Their Culture Empowers Their Art

With Hispanic Heritage Month underway, Teen Vogue highlights latin women making waves in the art, fashion, and multimedia scenes. As one of the greatest forms of expression, art has always been a powerful tool for Latina and Hispanic women to honor their roots and keep their heritage alive. Shaping a unique voice and reflecting the diversity of their upbringings, in this day and era, several Latina artists have established themselves as forces to be reckoned with across fields. While there’s no

5 Fashion Industry Professionals Share How They Got Their Start

Fashion is an alluring and captivating world that sparks the curiosity of many. While from the outside, the industry might appear intimidating and scarce of opportunities, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Beyond the runways, glossy magazine pages, and glamorous portrayals in media, fashion is vast and covers a wide range of fields. Naturally, the available paths are equally varied and if you’re wondering, no, there’s not a secret formula to breaking into the industry. There are, however,

Fashion Spotlight: Shoe Design Icon Mark Schwartz is Hands-on With his New Brand, DEIJI

Mentored by the Fabergé of Footwear, Roger Vivier, and the pop art genius Andy Warhol, shoe designer Mark Schwartz has accumulated plenty of bragging rights throughout his career. In the span of four decades, Schwartz has created custom designs for everyone from Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Oprah Winfrey to pop icons, Madonna and Lady Gaga. Schwartz has also collaborated with some of the biggest fashion houses in the world including Chanel, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs, just to name a few.

Creative Spotlight: Tanner Fletcher Is Creating A World For Everybody to Live In

In this day and age, countless fashion brands publicize inclusivity as a core value. However, few prioritize it in the way Tanner Fletcher—the creative brainchild of midwesterners Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell—does. Reimagining fashion and interior design of decades past, the young creatives are serious contenders to become fashion’s new favorite duo. Fresh off the brand’s resort 2023 collection unveiling, Fletcher Kasell talked to EnVi about Tanner Fletcher’s serendipitous beginnings, gende

Creative Spotlight: Zayson Is Approaching Music with Human Connection In Mind

The world-building in “Love Theory”—Taeyong’s collaboration with rapper Wonstein—is fun, playful, and masterfully colored. Assembled from the idea of conveying “a fun, happy, feeling,” the song highlights Taeyong’s strengths in a way that only an insightful vision of his creative universe could achieve. It couldn’t be otherwise. Behind the melodic track, winsome and eclectic in equal parts, is Zayson Wong, a Malaysian producer that has made an art out of his “no-business” approach to creating mu

Style Guide: CRAVITY

Since their debut in 2020, Starship Entertainment’s nonet, CRAVITY, stands out as a rising force in the K-pop industry. Seamlessly transitioning from funky anthems such as “Adrenaline” to bossa-nova-infused tracks like “GO GO,” CRAVITY’s versatility knows no bounds. In tandem with this music evolution, the group’s fashion star has been steadily ascending. As ALLEN, HYEONGJUN, JUNGMO, MINHEE, SEONGMIN, SERIM, TAEYOUNG, WONJIN, and WOOBIN proved their sartorial chops when they met Team EnVi for th

5 Pieces of Career Advice From Fashion Industry Professionals

For most people who dream to break into the fashion industry, finding mentors and getting guidance from the sources themselves might not be feasible. Fear no more. At EnVi, we love featuring some of the coolest voices in the world of fashion through our Creative Spotlight series. To close off our Career Building Month, we look back at the advice these fashion industry professionals have offered to our readers. From the world-renowned photographer, Adam Katz Sinding to Peter Do’s PR Director, rea

Creative Spotlight: Sean Sheila, the Fashion Brand Breaking the Rules Within the Boundaries of Tradition

Sustainability and inclusivity are approaches oftentimes tokenized within the fashion industry. Enter fashion designers Sean Loh and Sheila Agatha into the picture and you’ll find reasons to believe both concepts are more than just buzzwords. Bridging luxury and eastern traditional cultures, the Southeast Asian duo is reshaping sustainable fashion with their eponymous label, Sean Sheila. In the latest installment of the Creative Spotlight series, EnVi caught up with the award-winning creatives t

In Search of the Higher Self with SUGIZO

“I hope this music will give your tired mind a rest, and put light and nourishment into your soul. I hope it will bring relief and peace to everyone’s heart,” says Japanese rock legend, SUGIZO, as we wrap up this interview. It is mid-February and the musician has just released The Voyage to The Higher Self, a duo album with HATAKEN. A few weeks later, his words are eerily evocative of the current global situation. Particularly, when they come from a respected musician, whose work extends far bey

Style Guide: bugAboo on Their Must-Have Items and Personal Style

In the world of K-pop, singing and dancing flawlessly comes nowhere close to singing and dancing flawlessly, while sporting fashionable looks. The members of rookie group bugAboo—Choyeon, Eunchae, Rainie, Yoona, Cyan, and Zin—know a lot about that. However, since these ladies are still relatively new public figures, many of us are still curious about their own spin on off-duty style. We took our questions to the sources themselves and asked the ladies of A team Entertainment’s group about their

Style Guide: EVERGLOW Takes EnVi Through Their Wardrobe Essentials

Less than three years into a prolific career, K-pop group EVERGLOW has claimed a place among the girl power elite. Rightfully, as the six-member act not only delivers empowering anthems but also lends its voice to champion good causes. But beyond the music and goodwill influence, EVERGLOW is also a source of unbounded style inspiration. In an exclusive interview with EnVi, members E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren shared tidbits of a Style Guide worth taking notes from. Ahead, find more

Creative Spotlight: Yoni Yu, the Unapologetic Mind Behind C’EST D

Offering size-inclusive choices is a debt the fashion industry still owes in 2022. New York-based Korean designer, Doyeon Yoni Yu, has taken up the challenge with an unapologetic mindset. Through her fashion brand, C‘EST D, Yoni is standing firm against stigma, celebrating self-love and offering options for all types of bodies. EnVi caught up with the fashion designer in an interview where we discussed body diversity, women empowerment, and breaking away from prejudice. From South Korea to New

Sam Kim Has New Horizons in Sight With “Smile”

“I remember writing this song a few years back when I was going through a rough time. It’s probably why I never thought to give it a chance. When I saw how many people could relate to it, the doubt went away and I think the 20-year-old me who wrote it finally felt accepted,” said Sam Kim about the viral hit “Love Me Like That” from the Netflix series Nevertheless. Recognized for giving life to gems like “Breath” (It’s Okay Not To Be Okay) and “Who Are You” (Goblin), Sam is no stranger to captiva

Creative Spotlight: Setting The Record Straight With Adam Katz Sinding

For many working in the fashion industry, receiving the title of “pioneer” would be one of the highest compliments. Adam Katz Sinding, however, is quick to reject the label when I quote a headline that dubbed him “the pioneer of street-style photography.” Asked how he wishes to be introduced, Adam replies right off the bat, “I’m definitely no pioneer.” In a straightforward tone, he sets the mood for an honest interview where we discuss his career, fashion, and pigeonholing people into categories

Creative Spotlight: Jonathan Morales On Designing Pop Culture

Throughout the years, popular culture has often served as inspiration for people around the world. From fans to artists across fields, it has marked generations and continues to influence their vision of the world. Only a few selected ones, however, can brag about designing clothes that are shaping pop culture. Mexican fashion designer and self-described melomaniac, Jonathan Morales, belongs to that group. Sported by the legendary Gwen Stefani, and the Thai superstar Lisa Manoban, Jonathan’s di

Creative Spotlight: Jessica Wu, The PR Force Behind Peter Do

In just a couple of years, Peter Do has become one of the industry’s favorite fashion brands. With an enviable clientele that includes world-class stars and an even more enviable community-driven ethos, the American luxury brand has taken over the fashion world. Behind the success of Peter Do is a knit-tight group of friends that anyone who has followed the brand’s journey is familiar with. Alongside the Creative Director, Peter Do, there are Lydia Sukato, Vincent Ho, An Nguyen, and Jessica Wu.