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Liza Soberano Joins the Hair Bow Trend to Attend the Gold House A100 Welcome Reception

As proven at the Met Gala, hair bows are dominating red carpet style. The newest it accessory has been making the rounds since last year, as internet aesthetics like balletcore, coquettecore, and plazacore sprung up. However, this hair trend is still in full force and the latest celebrity sporting the accessory is the Filipino-American superstar Liza Soberano. Liza took the trend to the Gold House A100 Welcome Reception, celebrated ahead of the 2nd Annual Gold Gala.

Anyone who’s followed Liza S

TikTok Users LOVE This Korean Makeup Spatula, Here's Why

According to millions around the world, TikTok is the ultimate referent for everything beauty — from makeup hacks to trending products. You might have seen trends such as heavy blush makeup making headlines, but if you’ve scrolled down the platform recently, chances are you’ve come across a new beauty sensation: makeup spatulas. If you haven’t yet, this article will change that.

Initially popularized in South Korea, makeup spatulas are the latest beauty product earning traction on the video-sha

The Viral TikTok Rose Water Hacks, Explained

On TikTok alone, the #rosewater tag has amassed over 95 million views, with people sharing their favorite beauty hacks and tips featuring rose water. Long before becoming a must-have for beauty enthusiasts, however, rose water has been essential for food recipes, cosmetic routines, and even customs across the Middle East and Latin America. A natural product that dates back more than a thousand years, rose water has risen to online prominence in recent years.

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Black Manicures Are the Ultimate Nail Trend According to K-pop Stars

In this day and era, celebrities are the ultimate trendsetters. From their fashion to their beauty and even home accessories, stars are always one step ahead with what’s in. For instance, when it comes to nail trends, the likes of Hailey Bieber and Harry Styles spearheaded the glazed donut and oatmeal color trends during summer. However, as we step into colder seasons, K-pop celebrities are proving that nothing tops a black manicure. The best part? We can totally recreate these nail looks.


Hailey Bieber Shared a Simple Makeup Hack for a Glowy Base

Hailey Bieber is a go-to source for everything fashion and beauty. From her signature street style looks to her viral glazed donut nails, the model is often at the forefront of trends. Since launching her brand Rhode, we can also trust her to share tips on how to achieve our skin care goals. Her latest contribution? A hack for a glowy makeup base.

On August 28, Hailey demonstrated the simple trick on Rhode’s Instagram stories. The model started off by applying a layer of her brand’s Barrier Res

Selena Gomez Has a Knack for Wearing the Hottest Nail Colors

Looking for beauty inspiration? Look no further than actress, singer, and businesswoman Selena Gomez. In addition to TikTok-viral beauty products from her brand Rare Beauty and her clever makeup hacks, the celebrity is now also serving up some major nail inspo.

We might be approaching the autumn season, but Selena Gomez is still dishing the best summer nails. Or at least, her longtime manicurist, Tom Bachik is. On August 24, the nail artist took to Instagram to share a picture of Selena’s yello

Neon Green Is Set to Be the Next Trending Color of 2022

At the beginning of 2019, everything indicated neon colors — think Barbiecore hot pink, neon green, and bright orange — were serious contenders to headline fashion's newest color trend. If the myriad of brands — Balenciaga, Jacquemus, Off White, and more — introducing dopamine palettes on their catwalks was not enough of an indicator, stars including Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Billie Eillish were surely making a case for it. The trend might have not blown up back then, but in the seasons to fo