Yumi Nu Celebrates Missteps and Triumphs in New Single “25”

Japanese-American multifaceted star Yumi Nu has consistently made headlines for her barrier-breaking achievements. From history-making modeling gigs to founding her own clothing brand, the successful model has accumulated a long list of accolades. In addition to gracing fashion campaigns and fronting magazines, the artist is also a purveyor of whimsical music. The latest addition to Yumi’s music portfolio is the single “25,” a song described as a “celebration of every misstep and every triumph t

Rock Will Never Die: A Look At The Influence Of Rock Music On Fashion And Pop Culture

There is a galore of examples of how “routine matters” attain cultural relevance through fashion. However, the clearest representation perhaps comes courtesy of music. In contemporary times, attune with fashion experimentation, the emergence of new music genres has played an important role in shaping the style of entire generations. Orthodox critics and scholars might disagree, but rock music is probably the overarching paradigm to illustrate the relationship between music and fashion. The recen

Creative Spotlight: Zayson Is Approaching Music with Human Connection In Mind

The world-building in “Love Theory”—Taeyong’s collaboration with rapper Wonstein—is fun, playful, and masterfully colored. Assembled from the idea of conveying “a fun, happy, feeling,” the song highlights Taeyong’s strengths in a way that only an insightful vision of his creative universe could achieve. It couldn’t be otherwise. Behind the melodic track, winsome and eclectic in equal parts, is Zayson Wong, a Malaysian producer that has made an art out of his “no-business” approach to creating mu

In Search of the Higher Self with SUGIZO

“I hope this music will give your tired mind a rest, and put light and nourishment into your soul. I hope it will bring relief and peace to everyone’s heart,” says Japanese rock legend, SUGIZO, as we wrap up this interview. It is mid-February and the musician has just released The Voyage to The Higher Self, a duo album with HATAKEN. A few weeks later, his words are eerily evocative of the current global situation. Particularly, when they come from a respected musician, whose work extends far bey

NCT’s Doyoung Soundtracks Disney+ Drama Soundtrack #1

Beyond his career as a performer and actor, NCT’s Doyoung is embracing a new role by providing music to our favorite dramas. After lending his voice to the OST of Yumi’s Cells, the singer is rendering his beautiful vocals for the Disney+ drama Soundtrack #1.

The latest production of Disney+, Soundtrack #1, tells the story of childhood best friends who discover their feelings upon living under the same roof. Portraying the rookie photographer Han Sun Woo is actor Park Hyung Sik, who’s playing hi

NCT 127 Makes History With Daesang Win At The Seoul Music Awards

2021 marked a year of limitless expansion for the South Korean group NCT 127. Stacking milestone after milestone, the nine-member act set new records, swept music charts, and sold over three million albums. In 2022 the group is still reaping the rewards of their successful year. At the 31st Seoul Music Awards, NCT 127 made history when they took the first Artist Daesang (Grand Prize) of their career.

The release of their third full-length album, Sticker, and its repackage, Favorite, has earned

Sam Kim Has New Horizons in Sight With “Smile”

“I remember writing this song a few years back when I was going through a rough time. It’s probably why I never thought to give it a chance. When I saw how many people could relate to it, the doubt went away and I think the 20-year-old me who wrote it finally felt accepted,” said Sam Kim about the viral hit “Love Me Like That” from the Netflix series Nevertheless. Recognized for giving life to gems like “Breath” (It’s Okay Not To Be Okay) and “Who Are You” (Goblin), Sam is no stranger to captiva

NCT 127 Successfully Kicks Off Their Second World Tour “NEO CITY: THE LINK”

On December 17, NCT 127 kicked off “NEO CITY: SEOUL – THE LINK,” a three-day show that wowed the audience of Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. The concert, NCT 127’s first to be held offline since 2020, checked all the boxes for a memorable show: perfect vocals, power-packed performances, elaborate sets, and of course, NCT 127’s star power. On three dates, which included an online broadcast for international fans, the group took fans through a polished excerpt of their discography. “NEO CITY: SEOUL – T

Song Mino Takes Listeners To Infinity and Beyond With New Album

Listing Song Mino’s myriad of accomplishments might require more than a few lines. A household name, the rapper, composer, producer, fashion icon, TV personality, and painter has branched out into a variety of jobs. With a budding career in arts, several fashion gigs, and chart-topping hits as his most recent accolades, MINO is ready to take us To Infinity and beyond with his latest album.

Song Mino first found success as part of the four-piece group, WINNER. The artist, however, has made himse

Stromae Calls For Inclusive Party In New Single “Santé”

Belgian singer, Stromae, might have left the music scene years ago, but his music has continued to captivate people around the world. Whether it was going viral on TikTok or as part of our recurring playlists, his songs have endured the passing of time. On October 15, however, Stromae made a surprising return with the single “Santé,” in which he calls for an “inclusive party.”

The Rise To Fame And Racine Carré

Hailing from Brussels, Paul van Haver, better known in the music world as Stromae, i

Doyoung Exceeds Expectations in Marie Antoinette

An acting debut, music collaborations, and magazine covers don’t seem to suffice for NCT’s Doyoung. With a packed agenda in the first half of the year, the singer continues to tackle new challenges. After hitting the small screen through the drama Cafe Midnight Season 3–The Curious Stalker, Doyoung took on the role of Axel von Fersen in the musical Marie Antoinette. His first performances have earned the approval of critics and passionate reactions from fans.

Mixing fiction and reality, Marie A

Lorde Delivers Solar Power During a Solar Eclipse

From a Super Blood Moon to meteors ominously falling into active volcanoes, 2021 has brought its fair share of supernatural events. In a very unexpected turn of events, on June 10, the same day of the solar eclipse, Lorde delivered “Solar Power.” The superstar’s first new song since 2017 caught fans completely off guard and caused havoc on social media, making Lorde a top trending topic online.

Since the release of her sophomore album Melodrama, the New Zealand singer, Lorde, has been off the l

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